School Pens

Every well-organised classroom needs a broad, high-quality selection of school pens. Find everything you need under one roof here at Hope Education, including Berol pens, colourful markers, fine liners and office pens.

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Whether you’re looking for ballpoint pens, handwriting pens, black pens or highlighters, you’ll find an assortment of colours, brands and styles to choose from, including Berol pens and erasables – the perfect option for children transitioning from pencils to handwriting pens.

Stock up on blue and black pens for general writing tasks, as well as a broad range of colourful highlighters, ideal for marking work and for picking out words such as verbs, adjectives, and nouns when developing English skills. Looking for whiteboard markers? You can find an assortment of colourful options for every classroom whiteboard too.

Browse our Berol pens and more pens for school today, and head to our full stationery and office range for more essentials.