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Marker Pens

Explore our spectrum of marker pens and permanent markers here at Hope Education, where you’ll find a sea of eye-catching colours to choose from.

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Flip chart pens and markers

Every teacher needs flip chart pens for their classes; they're a simple yet essential piece of every classroom’s equipment. Here at Hope Education, we have a wide range of flip chart pens and markers for you to choose from. 

Marker pens are great for writing on flip charts, creating number cards, or even displaying letters or projects on the wall. Boasting top collections from the high-quality brands Berol, Classmates and Edding, you can depend on long-lasting, pigmented colours. We also stock a range of Sharpies, which are designed to write on just about anything and are fabulous for naming cups or other classroom items. If you’re looking to take the learning outside or you want to project an important message, browse our full collection of outdoor notice boards here today. Alternatively, check out our full range of pens, for all your classroom needs.