Sugar Paper

Discover a collection of assorted sugar paper in a variety of colours here at Hope Education. Whether you’re looking for vibrant, pastel or black sugar paper, there’s a variety of sizes to choose from.

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What is sugar paper?

Sugar paper, also known as construction paper, is a particularly light paper that is tougher and more robust than your average coloured paper. The rougher, unfinished surface makes sugar paper perfect for craft activities, in particular those involving construction. 

Constructing with sugar paper in the classroom helps build self-confidence and encourages independent learning. With A1 sugar paper, A2 sugar paper and other available sizes to choose from in our collection, you can find the perfect options for every creative project in your classrooms. For everything you need for creative learning, browse our art and design range, where you’ll find tissue paper, crepe paper,  PVA glue, and more.