Cartridge Paper

Cartridge paper is an essential addition to any school. Whether it’s printing worksheets, drawing, sketching, painting or collage, you’re sure to use cartridge paper in abundance.

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What is cartridge paper?

Cartridge paper is a high-quality paper with a smooth or light uniform grain. It’s used for drawing, sketching and printing. Here at Hope Education, we stock a wide variety in an assortment of sizes and packs. Our pack of 500 cartridge sheets is an exclusive bestseller, while our easel paper rolls are great art and craft activities.

Our range includes A3 cartridge paper and A1 cartridge paper, so you can find the right size for every art project. Choose from lightweight and heavyweight alternatives and find the right choice for your school here. Be sure to check out other essential classroom equipment, such as art books, pads, colouring pencils and sketching pencils today too.