Heuristic Play Starter Set

Heuristic Play Starter Set
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Product Description

The wooden Heuristic Play resource is ideal to encourage the very youngest children to satisfy their curiosity about the world around them, finding out about what things are and what they will do.

This large set of nearly 70 pieces includes:

the following resources and a pack of 5 large drawstring bags to hold the components when not in use: 10 x 70mm and 10 x 48mm diameter Beech Rings, 6 x 40mm Cubes, 10 x 63mm Egg Cups, 10 x Wooden Spools, 3 x 70mm diameter Bowls, 3 x 92mm Bowls, 1 x Ring Holder, 5 x Bags and Heuristic Play Guidance notes.

The wooden components are all made from sustainably cultivated European beech trees.

The timber carries both PEFC and FSC environmental certification. These items are not toys.

They are intended for use in an educational environment to support curricular activities.

• Age Suitability: 10 Months +

Reasons to Love

10 x beech rings (70mm dia)

10 x beech rings (48mm dia)

6 x 40mm cubes

10 x egg cups 63mm

10 x wooden spools

3 x bowls (70mm dia)

3 x bowls (92mm dia)

1 x ring holder

5 x drawstring storage bags

Heuristic play guidance notes

GBP79.99 ex VAT
In stock

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