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Supporting you with the return to school

Supporting mental health & emotional wellbeing


mental health & emotional wellbeing

It is more important than ever to put mental wealth at the core of the curriculum this year. We have scoured some of the best children’s charities to put together a list of quick, simple ways schools can tackle mental health in the classroom.

Take a look at our selected resources to support emotional wellbeing in the classroom
Tech for the blended classroom

The circumstances of the last few months have meant that new ways of teaching have had to be adopted. But how many of these new ways of teaching and learning are now here to stay? Check out these essential tools for the modern blended classroom.

Encouraging social distancing

There’s an extra plate for teachers to spin now. Socially distanced classrooms are definitely a challenge, but teachers are some of the best problem solvers on the planet. You got this. And we got you with these tips for social distancing within the classroom.

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Curriculum Hub

Curriculum catch up
Curriculum catch up

We have everything you need to help children to catch up on vital curriculum knowledge and skills.


Curriculum catch up

Intervention is an important part of helping every pupil maximise their potential, but it can be difficult to know exactly what actions to put in place that will make a significant contribution. We’ve put together 9 effective intervention strategy tips and techniques to implement in your classroom.

Intervention strategies


Everything for English

Focus on writing

Pie Corbett: the magic of storytelling in school

The inspirational and educational colossus writes exclusively for Hope Education on why story telling is such a vital part of our development as writers.


37 simple story starters for KS1 children

Here we’ve come up with 37 of our favourites which will help lead your class toward all sorts of weird and wonderful stories. Once they’ve got the hang of it, move onto our list of KS2 story starters for more complexity


Creative writing tips

Teaching creative writing can be one of the most rewarding parts of the entire English curriculum. To help you get the most out of the class, we have gathered together some
simple ideas for teaching creative writing that are sure to help your pupils smash their writing tasks.

Tips to improve vocabulary

Having a broad vocabulary is a useful tool that helps children express themselves and communicate more effectively. While some vocabulary is picked up through everyday
interactions, these tips will help you to add to that with more complex and technical vocabulary

Our top writing resources


Everything for Maths

14 ways to use Multilink® in your classroom

Got Multilink® in your classroom but looking for inspiration for how to use it? We’ve compiled a list of ideas for ways to use Multilink in the classroom to help you out

Using playing cards for intervention

Playing cards can be a brilliant tool to use in your Maths intervention strategy. If you want to have a few tricks up your sleeve, take a look at a wealth of activity ideas here

What is maths mastery?

Maths mastery originated in high-performing nations in Asia, but what is maths mastery? And how can it be used in the UK to improve maths skills?


Free Maths Mastery worksheet

Mastering negative numbers can be tricky for pupils to understand. With three tiers of difficulty, this handy worksheet can help pupils of all skill level to master their use of negative numbers.

Our top Maths resources


Everything for ICT

3 ways to teach kids to code in maths lessons

Coding robots offer many opportunities for covering the maths curriculum in your classroom, whilst equipping your pupils with basic coding skills.

4 unexpected benefits of coding robots in the classroom

Here we list 4 unexpected benefits that can come with using coding robots in your classroom for STEM curriculum activities.

LEGO® Education inspiration and support

Looking to get more out of your LEGO® Education resources?

We offer a range of services to give you the tools you need to deliver inspiring, creative learning experiences.

Find more on our LEGO® hub

Visit our LEGO® hub for our full range and inspiration for all age ranges.

Our top ICT resources


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