E.a.R.L, the programmable floor robot, has landed

Introducing E.a.R.L

Take your little learners on a coding and programming adventure with E.a.R.L Coding Robot from Hope Education.

E.a.R.L is the Perfect Cross-Curricular Coding Resource

Specifically designed for EYFS and KS1

250 Step Memory

250-step memory means that E.a.R.L's coding complexity grows with learners abilities.

Scratch Programming

Scratch compatibility extends the learning opportunities bringing coding outcomes to life.

250 Step Memory

Programmable LED Lights give more opportunities for varied lighting

250 Step Memory

Recordable MP3 Sounds give children audible cues as to the progress of E.a.R.L thorugh their sequence.

250 Step Memory

A rechargeable battery gives 8 hours of active learning without needing to replace batteries. 

Scratch Programming

Durable and push-safe meaning your little learners can enjoy exploring E.a.R.L's "vroomability".

250 Step Memory

Transparent case shows children how E.a.R.L works and is a perfect introduction to the world of robotics. 

250 Step Memory

E.a.R.L can be used across all areas of EYFS including communication, literacy, maths and understanding the world.

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