Air Drying Clay

Get creative with clay for schools from our range here at Hope Education. Perfect for art classes, our range of school clay features many options to choose from. 

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How to use air drying clay

Air drying clay can be used for a wide range of craft projects, and the great thing is, you don’t need an oven or kiln, as it dries on its own! Using air dry clay is great for letting kids get creative in art class. You can use your hands or tools to mould it into all kinds of shapes and objects, from vases and pots to figurines and jewellery.

We have an assortment of reusable colourful clay for schools ideal for creating models and figurines, as well as air drying clay that can be glazed and decorated with paints. Browse our full range of school clay to stock up on all the classroom resources you need. And for more options, shop our dough and modelling accessories