Golf Practice Equipment | Junior Golf Equipment

Discover our children’s golfing equipment at Hope Education. Golf practice equipment is the perfect way to introduce kids to basic golfing techniques. Our collection of tri golf equipment and mini-golf sets are ideal for group PE classes. Our street golf kit is beginner-friendly with lighter clubs and reduced flight balls. Shop our children’s golfing equipment collection here, then browse our full collection of sports accessories here. 

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At Hope Education, you’ll find a selection of golf practice equipment for younger years suitable for school PE classes and sports days.

Street golf and mini-golf putter sets

Teach kids posture and putting technique with a range of junior golf equipment - including flexible markets and targets. From tri golf equipment to mini-golf putter sets are perfect as an alternative to traditional PE classes.

Tri golf equipment and more sports accessories

Browse golf balls, pop-up targets and golf tees, as well as an assortment of left and right-handed putters and irons. Looking for other accessories for PE lessons? Alongside golf practice equipment, browse our full collection of sports accessories here.