Cloakroom Storage

From cloakroom hooks to portable cloakroom trolleys, our range of cloakroom storage here at Hope Education has all you need to keep pupils’ coats, bags, and shoes organised and tidy at the beginning of every school day.

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Keep bags and lunchboxes tidied away with our compartment bag store and ensure that coats and shoes are easily found with our multi-function cloakroom trolley systems. Our colourful cloakroom hooks not only provide handy cloakroom storage but brighten up your classroom walls too. Whether you’re looking for compartment shelves and benches or hooks and trolleys, you can find the ideal school cloakroom storage for every classroom and hallway in our collection.

cOnce you’ve browsed our school cloakroom storage, head over to our full range of storage options, including lockers and book storage.