Sketching Pencils

Let budding artists get creative with our range of sketching pencils and charcoal sticks here at Hope Education.

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Sketch pencils and charcoal sticks allow children to express themselves; drawing and sketching can provide an insight into a child’s thoughts and feelings that they wouldn’t necessarily be able to communicate through words or actions.

In this range, you’ll find graphite pencils, artists pencil tin sets, soft sketching pencils and charcoal sticks ideal for shading, sketching pictures and creating a whole range of creative artwork. Our range includes packs of sketch pencils with different grades, so children can practice with different tones and varying degrees of hardness.

Using charcoal sticks will give pupils another way to shade; they can practice using the side of the block in sweeping strokes, or create fine lines using the ends.

Once you’ve got their sketch pencils covered, they’ll need a book to practice in. Check out our sketchbooks and pads in our art and design product range here today.