Colouring Pens

Get kids colouring with our fantastic range of felt tip coloured felt tip pens here at Hope Education. Discover an eye-catching array of coloured pens in our collection, including broad pens, fine pens, marker pens, chubbie paint markers, mini kids markers and much more!

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Our range includes Berol felt tips and coloured pens from other high-quality brands such as Crayola and Giotto too, so you can depend on their depth of colour, and long-lasting use.

Perfect for card creations, drawing and poster making, felt tip colouring pens are a classroom staple used by all year groups. ​With a broad assortment of colours included in every pack, pupils will have all the coloured pens they need to create lots of different pictures and develop their artistic skills.

Once you’ve browsed our felt tip colouring pens, discover more essentials in our full range of art and design products, including many more drawing and colouring resources. Want to showcase work on the wall? Have them use our coloured pens on coloured paper for some vibrant displays!