Take Ten

Take Ten
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Fine motor skills are vital in the development of so many other competencies in young children, and it can often be difficult to find new and interesting ways of practicing this important skill. Take Ten is the solution! This collection of practical games and activities is the perfect resource for improving all aspects of fine motor skills in an enjoyable and accessible way. The activities are designed to be used with little or no equipment or preparation, either in 1:1, group or class situation.

The book is divided into sections focusing on warm-up activities, hand-eye co-ordination, hand and finger strength and manipulation. Each activity also includes suggestions for adaptations to make it easier or harder, helping you to pitch it at an appropriate level for the children you are working with. The book begins with a detailed explanation of fine motor development, and includes a checklist to identify children with fine motor skills difficulties as well as practical tips for troubleshooting such problems. Suitable for children aged 5+ and older children needing to improve their motor control.

Contains 128 pages (254 x 195mm) and includes photocopiable materials.

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