Data Logger Temperature Sensor

Data Logger Temperature Sensor
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This general-purpose Temperature sensor is the most commonly used sensor in the range. It can accurately measure the temperature of air, water, soil and weak acidic solutions

Suitable Activities:

• Exploring how warm or cold e.g.

Are your hands warmer than mine?

How warm is our classroom?

How to decide when it is hot or when it is cold?

How does exercise change us?

• Recording e.g.

Temperature game

Cooling rates


How does temperature change as you heat water?

• Monitoring using 2 Temperature sensors e.g.

Hot drinks

What shall I wear today?

Too hot!

Keeping warm!

• Investigating e.g.

Our Room

How heat changes against time.

• Observation e.g

When materials combine, there will be a reaction.

• Insulation investigations e.g.

Heat gain and loss (See also the Vu Power house)

• Changing of state e.g.

Freezing and melting of water, Hot water

• Earth, Sun and Moon e.g.


• Environment: e.g.


Pond and river studies

What’s different?

Bug Alert.

• Solar energy

GBP24.6 inc VAT
In stock

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