BEK Primary Kit B

BEK Primary Kit B
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Primary Basic Electricity Kit B

Light a lamp using a BEK single cell holder, one BEK lamp, a BEK Switch and two leads. Make the lamp brighter by adding a second cell holder and gently hold the lamp between finger and thumb. What do you feel? Two types of energy are produced by the lamp: heat and light. Use a magnifying glass to look at the filament inside the lamp. The filament is a very thin wire that glows white hot when electricity flows through it. Why don’t the connecting wires (leads) get hot?

Designed as a resource for the teaching of introductory electricity, these kits include well structured instructional material and robust components mounted on tough, yellow plastic bases, each with two 4mm sockets. The panels are formed into circuits by connecting them together using 4mm stackable leads.

We supply two kits, Kit A is for a group of up to six students, while Kit B contains additional items and consumables which could be issued by teachers as required. Only one Kit B would be needed by a class.

A Teacher's Manual is included in Kit A which introduces each item of equipment and a range of tasks and investigations. Topics covered are bulbs and cells, switches, electromagnets, motors and buzzers.

Contents of Kit A:

Contents of Kit A illustrated on page 12.

• 6 cell holders (without cells)

• 6 bulbs in holders

• 3 press switches

• 3 two-way switches

• 18 connecting leads

• Primary Electricity Kit booklet.

Contents of Kit B:

• 20 replacement bulbs

• 4 variable resistors

• 3 motors

• 3 buzzers

• 2 electrode holders

• 3 diodes

• 3 fixed resistors

• 4 universal clips with 8 crocodile clips

• 6 steel rods

• 6 carbon rods

• Reel of plastic-coated wire

Both kits supplied in a robust polystyrene box.

Applicable to Year 4 & 6 of Key Stage 2: Electricity.

(Please note that this is kit B)

GBP138 inc VAT
In stock

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