Elementary Basic Electricity Kit

Elementary Basic Electricity Kit
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Product Description

An introductory circuit kit for students, with workcards covering the following topics:

• Lighting a lamp

• Using motors

• Using a switch

• A model house

• Lamps in series and parallel

• Making an electromagnet

• Conductors and insulators

• A quiz for three or four people

• Heat from electricity

Components are mounted on bright yellow plastic bases, each with two 4mm diameter sockets.


• 6 x Cell Holders

• 6 x Bulb Holders

• 6 x Bulbs

• 3 x On/off Switches

• 2 x Two-way Switches

• 1 x Buzzer

• 1 x Motor

• 1 x Reel of Nichrome Wire

• 10 x Crocodile Leads

Supplied in Gratnells tray with lid.

GBP116.5 ex VAT
Out of stock

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