Philip Harris Economy Monoscope 20x

Philip Harris Economy Monoscope 20x
GBP62.99 ex VAT

Product Description

This a great introductory instrument for beginners to microscopy. This is a monocular version of the traditional stereo microscope. Provides basic features and functionality for users to get to grips with the principles of microscopy, feel more comfortable using microscopes and exploring the micro-world around them.

Full Specification:

• Total magnification: 20x

• Eyepiece: Wide Field 10x/16mm

• Head: Monocular 360° rotating head, with 45° inclined eyepiece tube

• Nosepiece: Fixed

• Objectives: 2x

• Stand: Pillar stand

• Stage: Low position stage with clips

• Focussing: Rack and pinion of the optical head

• Illumination: Without illumination

• Dimensions: H240 x W160 x D340mm

• Weight: 2kg

• Accessories included: dust cover, manual instructions

GBP62.99 ex VAT

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