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Product Description

• Includes 2 slit plates and holders

• Mounting rod to enable use with the optics benches

• No blackout required

• Excellent alternative to traditional rayboxes

• Gives a better white than conventional lamps

• Powered by a 5V plugtop (supplied)

• Long life, low power LED (1 watt 10,000 hours) instead of a 24/36W bulb

• Runs cooler than traditional ray optics boxes

• Voltage cannot be ‘accidentally’ increased and blow the bulb

• Improved design with integral slit plate holder

LED.white can be used in most experiments in place of a ray box and offers many advantages. Spectra produced using prisms or diffraction gratings are bright and clear, from red through to violet. It can be mounted on a retort stand or optics bench using the mounting rod in the LED.white experiment kit. Includes an experiment guide on CD.

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