Hindu Deity Pack

Hindu Deity Pack
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Product Description

This attractive set of Hindu artefacts features some of the most common Hindu deities that children will meet in their study of Hinduism. They are presented in a variety of materials to illustrate some of the different types of representations found in this religion.

• The Trimurti. This murti (statue) represents the 3 principle forms of the Supreme God, Brahman. They are Brahma, the Creator; Vishnu, the Sustainer and Shiva, the Creator and Destroyer.

• Shiva Nataraja (resin). This is Shiva, Lord of the Dance, 1 of the 3 principle forms of the Supreme God.

• The aluminium frame shows a scene from the Hindu epic, the Ramayana.

• Ganesh the elephant headed God is the son of Shiva and Parvati.

• The triptych illustrates 3 of the most common deities. On the left Krishna, another incarnation of Vishnu, is serenading his wife Radha, the cowgirl with his flute.

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