No Nonsense Number Facts

No Nonsense Number Facts
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Product Description

Helping you teach maths for mastery.

Help develop your pupil's knowledge and understading of mathematics with No Nonsense Number Facts. Developed by Babcock LDP Primary Mathematcs team, this coherent programe supports fluency in line with teaching for mastery elements. Fluency involves far more than memorisation of facts and a key element of fluency is reasoning. That is why practice that focuses on reasoning strategies - looking for connections, patterns and relationships - is the most benefical and effective in schools. with plenty of guidance, engaging activities and helpful resources, No Nonsesnse Number Facts enbles schools to implement an effective number facts programe for years 1 to 6.

No Nonsense Number Facts focuses on:

• Focuses on understanding number and the number system, additive reasoning and multiplicative reasoning – all of which contribute to fluency.

• Enables you to implement an effective number facts programme for Years 1 to 6.

• Reflects recent research into how children learn mathematics in its approach.

• Is easy to use, flexible and comprehensive lessons can be used as stand-alone full lessons or as part of a maths lesson as warm-ups or cool-downs.

• Includes guidance to improve teachers’ own subject knowledge.

• Is full of engraving activities and helpful resources.

• Includes a mapping of the materials to the curriculum on the USB stick.

Each box includes:

6 Teachers books one of each year (Years 1-6)

A USB stick with editable overviews, lesson plans and resources and video guidance from the author team.

GBP299.99 ex VAT

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