The Story Maker's Chest® for KS1 by Pie Corbett

The Story Maker's Chest® for KS1 by Pie Corbett
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Product Description

Open the KS1 ‘Story Maker’s Chest’ and feast your eyes on a unique selection of resources to stimulate creative writing, extend vocabulary and improve grammar. You’ll be making creative writers out of all your pupils, whatever their abilities, with support from Pie Corbett.

A unique treasure trove for creative writers at KS1

• Created by Pie Corbett who put together the bestselling and award-winning KS2 ‘Story Maker’s Chest’

• A unique, multi-sensory and interactive resource that will engage and inspire children of all abilities to move from telling into writing stories

• Support material full of ideas on how to use the Chest

• Many resources offering a different story making experience every time

• Strong emphasis on speaking, listening and drama - essential skills for creating competent writers

• A wide selection of characters from different genres and backgrounds, some of which will be familiar

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