4 Panel Gallery Display System - 360x180

4 Panel Gallery Display System - 360x180
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GBP792 inc VAT

The new Gallery Display System is stylish in design

yet robust and versatile. This premium product not

only represents the highest quality in exhibition

systems, but is simple to use and quick to assemble.

The panels lock together in seconds with the panel

key provided, making it easy to reconfigure, for

maximum versatility. The lightweight panels are

easily portable, stable and suitable for heavy duty

use. Whether your are permanently displaying

work, or creating a semi-permanent project display,

this system delivers the quality and simplicity


• Each panel has blue fabric on one side and grey

fabric on reverse.

• This product has a 1 year guarantee.

Dimensions shown below are for straight-line


H1800 x W3600mm.

GBP792 inc VAT

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