Small Worlds Offer

Small Worlds Offer
£284.97 ex VAT

Product Description

Buy all three and save.

Community play sets enable children to re-enact real life scenarios in a play environment. This special offer pack includes the Health Centre, Shopping Centre and Hospital Environment.

This pack includes:

Health Centre

Every room contains its own furniture and equipment and there is a reception area, fish tank and lots of patients, some with medical complaints, e.g. measles, bumped heads and broken arms. This set is not only excellent play value, but it can be used in front of your classes for group discussions.

Shopping Centre

Each of the shops contains its own produce and cash registers along with staff, and there are plenty of customers to go shopping.

Hospital Environment

An innovative idea for small world play. Children can have all the fun whilst learning all about the medical emergency services, from doctors to nurses to paramedics. The Hospital set includes 36 hospital equipment accessories including beds and theatre apparatus, and 16 people including medical staff and patients.

Age Suitability: 3 years +

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