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Welcome to the home learning hub. A place to come if you’re looking for inspiration, resources and ideas for all learning outside of the classroom or nursery. Here at Hope Education, we know how important it is to tailor the learning process to each individual child’s needs. Whether you’re a private tutor or teacher looking for resources in your subject area, or a parent looking for ways to support your children at home, you have come to the right place!


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning introduces children to an energetic and healthy lifestyle whilst creating a hands-on learning experience. Our products cover a range of different areas of outdoor learning for any child.

The outdoor environment is rich in opportunities to feel excited, be messy, communicate, take risks, discover and grow. Outdoor learning plays an important role in the physical and cognitive development of children. And whilst it is bursting with its own natural materials, children’s learning can be enhanced with the addition of exciting, open-ended resources.


Art & Craft

Find all your art and craft supplies with our huge range of kids’ materials. Stimulate the imagination with new and different textures by exploring with art and crafts. We’ve got all the resources you need to help get you started on your next art project. Here you will find tons of easy craft project ideas and fun activities for kids to keep them entertained. Why not create classroom displays or creative projects? From paint, modelling clay to pens and card, encourage creativity with our extensive range.


Special Educational Needs

Browse our wide selection of resources to help children with additional and special educational needs. Hope Education provides a wide range of resources for schools to support children with SEN. Our supplies support children with sensory and physical, cognition and learning, communication and interaction plus other additional needs.


Everything Maths & English

We have a huge selection of maths and English resources for primary school children of all ages and abilities. Be sure to explore our full range of resources for all curricular subjects. Create engaging lesson plans to help children develop their mathematical skills in a range of topics including fractions, place value, time, geometry, shapes and much more.

You can find teaching English resources for all key aspects of children’s English education including speaking and listening activities, storytelling, writing tools and more to develop their skills. We have a growing collection of materials to support children in expanding their skills

Free worksheets to download

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