Procurement Made Easy

We understand that many people can be involved in purchasing educational resources, thus emphasising the need for a quick and simple procurement process. Whether you're looking for more choice and speed of service or need help managing your budgets and full FMS integration, we have a service for you.

Our eProcurement Solutions Will Save You Time and Money

Our eProcurement solutions make shopping for educational supplies even easier and we have a solution to fit all your needs; from simple websites and FMS files, to our more advanced solutions like WebFlow, Punch-out and WebFMS.

We want to make technology work for your teaching and purchasing needs and whichever service you choose, they are all free to set up and use.

They are also completely safe and secure, and you continue to benefit from all our service guarantees including free delivery and price match promise.


  • Shop online via our website
  • Select SIMS at checkout
  • Submit order via your FMS


  • Place order online
  • Send email authorisation requests
  • Centralise sign off spend


  • Fully integrated with Oracle, Pecos, @UK and Civica
  • Shop as normal on our website
  • Full audit trail

FMS Files

  • Download online for your FMS
  • Mulitple FMS providers available
  • No integration
  • Instant shopping

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost associated with setting these solutions up or using them?
Do I have to install or download any additional hardware or software?
Will we need to organise additional IT support to integrate WebFMS?
Who do we speak to if we have any questions or need support once we are up and running?
Do any of these solutions allow us to review orders before they are placed in order to control budget spend?
Is free delivery still available when shopping through these eProcurement solutions?
How can I be sure my data is safe and protected?
How can we see all previous orders made?
How do we add more establishments to our eProcurement account?
Can the solutions identify our core list?
Will we have support from your team during setup?
Will we need to update the catalogue data or is it automatically done?