We know that in a nursery setting, the most important thing for children’s development is the practitioners, and the hard work and passion you have for the little ones shape their entire learning journey. As a supplier, it’s our job to provide you with the tools to do this most effectively, and that’s why we’ve been busy developing and sourcing new resources – in 2019 alone we developed over 100 new products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Chatter Clouds

The multi-award winning Chatter Clouds are exclusive to Hope. Industry experts describe them as "Well-made, sturdy and nicely designed ‘clouds’ on which you and your children can record clips of sound. The imaginative design will really appeal to the children and get you thinking creatively about how to use them. A great value resource with loads of potential for developing speech, language and communication.”


Chatter Clouds - Product Spotlight

'They’re simple little speaking and listening devices that we use to record instructions for the kids such as: find enough rocks to make sure everybody has one each; find 3 green cylinders and 2 red cubes; and to introduce new vocabulary such as extra, remain, divide.'

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Felt Bowls and Balls

These Fairtrade, 100% natural wool Sorting Bowls and Balls, come in 3 different colours and sizes, making them perfect for developing early sorting skills.


Felt Toys - Customer Review

Developed by us, reviewed by you

“We are slowly but surely making some changes in our household in regards to the things we are purchasing. We are trying to buy fewer plastic items and attempting to use far less single-use plastic. So, these wool resources are right up our street.”

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NEW E.a.R.L Coding Robot

E.a.R.L is our newly developed floor robot, designed for easy robotic learning. It was created by Hope to encourage directional language and general language development. The aim was to create a resource that children could enjoy, learn from and use easily.


E.a.R.L - Product Spotlight

E.a.R.L is so sturdy and durable. I love that you can see inside him to really understand and visualise how he works. Earl provides the perfect starting pointer coding and programming.

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