Some early years learners struggle to grasp key skills that will take them through to primary education. This issue, which can be seen in children who fall behind when starting primary school, begins much earlier in their lives and we see regular evidence in early years’ settings nationwide. Practitioners have a huge role in this development, they can provide the right resources whilst keeping early learners comfortable and safe. This leads to an environment where children can happily express themselves.

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Bridging the Gap: Mathematics

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Bridging the Gap: LIteracy

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Bridging the gap 5 tips to improve literacy in early years

We know that the development of young children can depend on many different factors.

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Bridging the Gap Why Play is so Important in Early Years

The 'gap' is reference to early years learners that have struggled to grasp key skills that will take them through to primary education.

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Bridging the Gap Using Play to Teach Numeracy

Play is the way that children explore and learn about the world around them.

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Resources to Raise Attainment - Product Reviews by Andi Turner

Our setting benefits from having magnetic dry wipe boards in pretty much all areas and they have been enhanced with Chatter Clouds.

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