Encourage readers of all abilities with our new Guided Reading range

One of the key aims of the National Curriculum for English is that all children can “read easily, fluently and with good understanding, and develop the habit of reading widely and often, for pleasure and information”

Guided Reading is a way of promoting these key skills in a format that envelops children of all abilities.

How it works

Teachers/Teaching Assistants read the book to the child/group and discuss the characters, plot etc to gauge their understanding.

The child can then read aloud or to themselves to continue reading practise. The teacher can then work with the child – listening to them read and asking questions about the text to assess comprehension skills.

It’s important to have a range of texts available at different reading levels, so that children of all abilities have a choice, and can move on to more complex books as their skills improve.

The aim is to help children develop reading and comprehension skills, becoming independent readers at their own pace.

Our new Guided Reading packs are levelled at each year group 3-6. Each pack contains six copies of six different texts, each covering Accessible, Expected, Confident and Super Confident levels of ability. This means that children at all ends of the spectrum can find a book they can read, either with help or alone. As the child’s level of reading grows, they can move on to the next book in the range.

The number of books at each level are perfect for group work and mean that children can discuss the text with their peers as they read.  Teachers or Teaching Assistants can also discuss the novels with the groups, this helps to develop a range of skills such as speaking and listening, comprehension and independent thinking.

Each photocopiable pack includes a Teacher’s Guide that has a synopsis of each book, key questions to ask, lesson plans and activities that will provide clear, comprehensive learning outcomes. A tick sheet is also provided to log the progress of each child. 

With titles from well known authors such as Roald Dahl, Michael Morpurgo and David Walliams, the packs are sure to appeal to readers of all abilities and ages.

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