Get Involved in Outdoor Classroom Day 2017

When was the last time you saw a child with a huge smile on their face, bursting with excitement and eager to explore? Chances are they were outside in the playground, rather than sitting in a tricky Maths lesson. But what if you could harness the same energy for both?

Outdoor Classroom Day

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign to celebrate and inspire learning and play outside the classroom!

The notion of outdoor learning is not a new one and there is a wealth of evidence showing the powerful impact it has on students and teachers:

  • Two in three children globally play outside for less than an hour and a half a day – that’s less than the two hour guideline for maximum security prisoners in the US.*
  • Eighty-five per cent of parents believe that their children are more creative when they play without technology. **
  • Ninety-two per cent of schools agreed that children engaged more with their learning outdoors.***
  • Learning outside the classroom raises educational standards and that it offers for many their first real contact with the natural environment. ****

If you have ever spent time learning outside yourself, you don’t need the statistics. You’ve seen it, felt it. Back in 2011, Anna Portch felt it too, so strongly that she founded the Outdoor Classroom Day movement to inspire and encourage more schools to give outdoor learning a go. From there, it has grown into an international campaign — in 2016 almost half a million children across the world got outdoors to play and learn as part of their school day.

If you’re new to outdoor learning, why not give it a go this yer? Or if it’s part of your normal week, why not use Outdoor Classroom Day to celebrate what you’re doing already and encourage other schools in your area to join in? Whatever you decide to do, get started on your Outdoor Classroom Day adventure on 18 May and be prepared to be amazed.

Join the movement today by signing up your class — or whole school — at

Outdoor Classroom Day is backed by Unilever’s Dirt is Good brands, coordinated internationally by Project Dirt, and led in the UK & Ireland by Learning through Landscapes.

*Source: Edelman Berland for Unilever, 2016.

**Source: Edelman Berland for Unilever, 2016.

*** Source: Learning in the Natural Environment: Review of social and economic benefits and barriers (NECR092), Natural England

****Source: English Outdoor Council’s Lobbying toolkit