How Modern Technology will be used to Inspire Pupils in Classrooms of the Future

As many teachers will know, there comes a certain point during the school day when a pupil’s eyes glaze over and only an iPad will save the day.

As the world of digital technology continues to evolve, the availability of such equipment fortuitously follows suit; particularly within the education sector.

With more than 65,000 Apps now available for education alone, and around 8 million iPads in circulation in classrooms across the globe, there is more reason than ever for schools to turn to digital resources to engage pupils.

In this new interactive piece, we take a look at some of the new and exciting technology that will soon become the norm in our classrooms, and how this can be used to inspire pupils and bring lessons to life. Technology such as: 3D printers, interactive desks and even virtual reality.

Classroom of the Future

We have also interviewed several primary school pupils, from different schools up and down the country, in a short film to ask them what they think the classroom of the future will be like … with some very interesting results.