World War 1 Classroom Teaching Resources

Download our WW1 teaching resources to help teach your Key Stage 1 pupils about the Great War in line with the new Curriculum History requirements and to support English Literacy needs, specifically around poetry.

Curriculum Links

Ages 7-11 (KS2)
Subjects: History | English | Art and Design

  • Develop an awareness of the past, using common words and phrases relating to the passing of time.
  • Know where the people and events they study fit within a chronological framework and identify similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods.
  • Pupils should be taught about changes within living memory…and the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements.
  • Listen to, discuss and express views about a wide range of classic poetry.

Download World War 1 Classroom Resources

Life of a World War One Child

Life of a World One Child

A comparison pdf of a day in the life of a child now and during the war. 

World War One Famous Figures

World One Famous People

A research pdf describing 4 famous people of World War 1 can the class fill in the names?

World War One Poems

World One Poems

2 Famous World War One poems describing life in the trenches and battlefields of France.

World War One Timeline

World War One Timeline

This helpful World War one infographic illustrates the major events between the start of the war in 1914 until is the conclusion in 1919.