Share Your feelings in a Hands on, Engaging Way with LEGO® Build Me Emotions


Learning about feelings is an important part of a child’s development. Early Years children can experience a wide range of emotions, but are not always able to identify or control them. Teaching your little ones about feelings will help them express themselves in a more effective way.

LEGO Education® Build Me “Emotions” invites young children to explore emotions and physical characteristics in a fun and engaging way. They can work together or individually on a variety of character building experiences that will help them recognise feelings and identify similarities and differences.

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This exciting resource includes 188 LEGO® pieces in a variety of shapes, including unique bricks with numerous facial expressions on, such as worry, happiness and sadness. Along with an activity card packed with inspirational teaching ideas, the set also contains 8 double sided cards that provide your little ones with 16 character templates, offering them the support and inspiration they need to continue building and rebuilding characters again and again!

Not only will LEGO® Build Me Emotions encourage children to recognise and understand emotions, but it will also allow them to develop their social skills and sense of self. A prime area of development outlined in the EYFS.


Why not try this quick activity with your little ones? 

Discuss emotions and use different names for different emotions. Asking children to work in pairs, have one child choose an emotion and make the appropriate expression; you may allow the child to use a mirror to see how they change the expression on their face. Ask the other child to observe their partner’s expression and build a character with the same expression. When finished, have children reverse roles and repeat.

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