An Introduction to LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime

An Introduction to LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime

LEGO® Education has always been based on the claim that being physically engaged before, during, or after learning helps your brain retain that information better. Based on their research, SPIKE™ Prime has quickly become the perfect hands-on learning tool for pupils between the ages of 11-14 (years 7-9). The product is an advance from the MINDSTORMS™ range and completes the full transition from the early learning with the WeDo™ 2.0 range via MINDSTORMS™. With stackable bricks, technical elements and more advanced coding opportunities, SPIKE™ offers excellent experience in learning critical thinking skills through its easy-to-use hardware.

Via challenging and relevant STEAM activities, LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime can combine the ever-useful LEGO® building element with its simple drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch, with whispers of a connection to Python programming coming in 2020 too. Pupils are able to use the kit to solve complex problems, for every learning level, with limitless possibilities for expanding on the curriculum. SPIKE™ is focussed around being the tool to ignite the innovative minds of tomorrow (without taking the fun away!).



Aligned to the curriculum

At the heart of SPIKE™ Prime is its programmable ‘Hub’. Classic brick-shaped and easy-to-use, it contains 6 input/output ports, 5x5 light matrix, Bluetooth connectivity, a speaker, 6-axis gyro and a rechargeable battery.

All of this helps to work accurate motors and sensors, coupled with colourful LEGO® elements, it means students spend less time building and more time learning. Storage isn’t forgotten either, with 2 sorting trays and a durable storage container included, for less mess and efficient tidying post-lesson.

Included in the kit are four unit plans of STEAM content focussed entirely around Engineering and Computer Sciences. The plans are designed for highly interactive 45-minute sessions, the content is designed to speed up the pupils’ thought processes and help them to become better problem solvers and critical thinkers.

Interactive lesson plans and a host of interactive supporting materials can be found on the LEGO® Education website, helping to give teachers the confidence to use the kit to its utmost and deliver dynamic and fun activities with clear learning outcomes well into the future.


Key learning values

  • Apply engineering design skills at each step of the design process
  • Develop efficient problem-solving and coding skills through decomposition of problems and algorithmic thinking
  • Design projects that combine hardware and software components to collect and exchange data
  • Work with variables, data arrays and cloud data
  • Apply critical thinking and develop life skills for the careers of tomorrow


SPIKE™ is based on the Scratch Coding Platform and supports a range of popular operating system, from iOS, Chrome, Windows 10, Mac and Android.

Whether younger pupils are getting to grips with the world around them or you’re helping students to discover engineering and STEAM solutions – the projects will always have a level of realism and relevancy to them, ready for young pupils to take the experience out in to the real world. You can also get an expansion set too, giving you more range than ever to experience exciting lessons with your class.


A well-equipped classroom with SPIKE™

Here is what is on offer from the SPIKE™ landscape…


Sets & App


Unit plans

Invention Squad

The Invention Squad unit focuses on the processes involved in engineering design. What will your students invent today? Students can focus on single steps of the design process:

  • Defining a problem
  • Making prototypes
  • Testing
  • Evaluating


Kickstart a Business

Creating passion for entrepreneurship is key and this unit focuses on computational thinking skills for Computer Science. Pupils have great ideas that can appear at any moment, so get ready to transform their thoughts into reality…

Students will in the different lessons focus on exploring key skills: 

  • Decomposing a problem in smaller parts
  • Debugging
  • Recognizing patterns and using code snippets in different context
  • Creating algorithms

Life Hacks

This unit helps students to understand and interpret data and manipulation of that data. Data can become interesting!

Students will in the different lessons focus on exploring key concepts:

  • Timing
  • Variables and operations
  • Qualitative cloud weather data
  • Quantitative cloud weather data
  • Arrays

Competition Ready

The final unit brings out all of the skills learned and introduces pupils to the world of robotics competitions. With teamwork, students work together to design and build a tested, refined solution-based robot to complete a task.

The skills learnt in this environment can help provide foundations for careers and leadership positions. The complete LEGO® lesson plans provide the materials and expertise needed to deliver engaging sessions.


  • Getting Started Material
  • Lesson Plans
  • Assessment Tools
  • Technical Support



  • Accessories & Replacement Pack
  • Training & Professional Development


SPIKE™ Prime offers lessons for:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Science
  • Competitions
  • Technology


About LEGO® Education

LEGO® Education offers hands-on, cross-curricular STEAM solutions for early learning, primary and secondary education, competitions, and after-school programs. They provide subject-specific activities, from guided to open-ended, that are aligned to curriculum standards.