What is Stile and how does it help teach Literacy and Numeracy?

Stile is a highly motivating, self-checking teaching aid for pupils aged 4-11, providing them with rewarding and meaningful activities to work through independently without becoming bored or discouraged. These progressive sets of books are packed full of exercises from KS1 – KS2 across a range of subjects including Literacy and Numeracy and provide children with a new and exciting way to develop essential skills, helping to bring learning to life!

Stile’s unique and fun format turns learning into a game – which is a great way to encourage motivation and interest, making learning fun! The resources provide support across the following areas:


  • Dyslexia
  • Spelling, reading and writing
  • Phonics
  • Communication / Self Expression


  • Dyscalculia
  • Numbers
  • Calculating
  • Volume

How Stile Works

1. Open the tray. Put the tile sin order in the red base of the tray.

2. The question numbers are red. They are in the top half of the book.

3. Place the clear lid over the bottom of the book.

4. Pick up tile 1 and look at question 1.

5. Can you see the answer below?

6. Put tile 1 over the answer in the clear lid of the tray.

7. Now take tile 2 and look at question 2. Put the tile over the answer.

8. When you have done all the questions, all 8 spaces in the clear lid will be covered.

9. Close the tray, turn it over and look at the pattern. If it is the same as the one in the book, well done!

10.  If the pattern does not match, take the wrong tiles out. Close the tray and turn it over.

11. Open the tray over the answers once more and do those questions again.

Benefits of Stile

  • Self-checking
  • Promotes independent working
  • Simple & effective skill reinforcement
  • Word recognition
  • Highly motivating and also great fun!
  • Development across a range of skills