Product Spotlight: Multilink

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What is it?

Multilink is a long-established piece of the mathematics classroom furniture. They have huge manipulative potential due to their simple and effective design, making it possible to represent numbers, equations, 3D shape, lengths, weights and quantity.

Visual concepts can also be represented easily using Multilink cubes, fractions and ratios or even place value positions – with 10 clearly defined colours in a pack to aid lesson planning. 

How will it help me to teach the curriculum in the classroom?

Suited perfectly to the ‘Concrete’ part of the ‘Concrete-Abstract-Pictorial’ ‘Maths Mastery’ approach, Multilink gives children something tangible to help them make a simpler connection between mathematical concepts and the numbers involved.

The ¾ inch cubes are an ideal size for small hands to grab and snap together, also improving fine motor skills as part of every maths lesson using the tool. Each Multilink cube can be connected on every side, giving children an extra opportunity to build upwards and sideways, especially when using a grid tray or a peg board to keep things neat.

Multilink is an excellent product around which each foundation of mathematics can be explored, including the clear representation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

What other ways can I use it?

While Multilink can help with the less complex mathematical concepts, it can also be adapted to explore some of the more complicated themes for more advanced or older children. For instance, cubes and cuboids are a clever way to use larger numbers and explore shape, surface area and volume with your class.

Stepping away from direct maths, you can move in to an area where you explore physical shapes of everyday items, have your class take the challenge of building the shapes of chairs and tables with the cubes, this can include hollow cubes and frames and the question of how those shapes affect the total sum.

Moving to more advanced theory, give children 3 different colours and ask them to make as many variations of a 3-block tower as possible (this works with added difficulty for 4/5/6 colours too). This challenge can aid understanding around equations involving permutation.

There really are 100s of ways to use this must-have classroom tool and it when you introduce it to your class, it is clear to see why it’s one of the most trust and appreciated mathematics products in the market.

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