Product spotlight: Glow Writer

Product Spotlight: Glow Writer

What is it?

The Glow Writer is a product which has been designed to increase participation in mark making and writing practice for Early Years and Key Stage 1. It can help to add excitement to writing sessions in the classroom, keeping children engaged for longer.

It’s suitable for most classroom and group sizes as there are three sizes available in the range, 30 x 40cm, 50 x 70cm and 52 x 100cm with the option for an additional easel stand.

The panel is completely dry wipe and is lit by LEDs around the edges, these create the option to change through 28 different light settings - all controlled by infrared remote control (which is included). It also comes with 8 fluorescent chalk markers, allowing children to make colourful marks and drawings.


How will it help me to teach the curriculum in my classroom?

The best way to look at the Glow Writer is how it can be applied to the curriculum. It can be adapted to suit a number of areas of learning, such as:


  • Personal and social development – sharing and discussion around drawings made by children


  • Physical development - Motor skill development as children use the pens to draw, write and sketch


  • Communication & language – Drawing letters or images for the children to say can help in this area


  • Mathematics – Counting, shapes, symbols and maths equations can all be done on the Glow Writer


  • Literacy – Bring storyboards to life with the product, write stories and draw pictures


  • Creative art and design – Explore colours and designs, with different styles of lines and shapes


What other ways can I use it?

Why not try and reverse the effect of the Glow Writer’s panel? Try and wipe a block of coloured chalk around the board with a slightly damp cloth, when it has dried, switch the light to the colour you want and the whole surface will be lit! Now you can encourage children to write with their fingers instead, giving an interested twist on the usual…

Independently, in group sessions or circle times are all opportunities to use the Glow Writer. Every teacher would like a little magic in their classroom, this product can produce this. Whether it’s to inspire the child who is reluctant to try something or the one who needs something exciting to focus their attention. Children with special educational needs can find the technology to be particularly motivating and the panel, with its sensory dynamic, can really help these individuals to thrive.

Find out more about the Glow Writer range here.