Product Spotlight: E.a.R.L


What is it?

Put simply, E.a.R.L is a programmable floor robot who is ideally suited to children for learning in Early Years, all areas of focus throughout Key Stage 1 (KS1) and can even be applied to some of Key Stage 2 (KS2).

This is the product that is a perfect stepping-stone for children who are learning about basic cause and effect, coding and programming topics. With the inclusion of easy-to-use buttons, children can begin to control him using his four direction arrows and “Go” button, aided by sequencing cards. E.a.R.L’s story is that he came from outer space to help children learn and here’s how he does just that…


How will it help me to teach the curriculum in my classroom?

As an ICT asset, E.a.R.L can help to teach key areas of ICT curriculum including coding and debugging, understanding algorithms and using logical reasoning to solve problems.

E.a.R.L is not simply an ICT tool though, he can assist in cross-curricular teaching too, in his engaging, fun and effortless way. He comes with a set of ready-to-teach resources, so getting to grips with initial lessons is ideal for teachers with limited level of coding experience. When children advance past the basic movements that we mentioned earlier, you will be able to switch to more complex patterns, introducing mats, projects and challenges.

For teaching English, there are a range of mats to help bring phonics and the alphabet to life, using E.a.R.L to teach this subject can enhance children’s engagement, improving their understanding of letters and words. When you bring him into maths, there are also a range of counting, 2D and 3D shape mats to help children to better visualise numbers, values, shapes and sums.


What other ways can I use it?

E.a.R.L is a brilliant asset to any classroom due to his compatibility with Scratch programming, the world’s most popular FREE platform for teaching and learning early programming and coding skills. With 1000s of opportunities for projects, the possibilities are endless via E.a.R.L when you use the USB port to connect to a laptop and operate him via the Scratch App.

To keep children engaged, his lights and sounds are also programmable. Record your own MP3 sounds and add them to E.a.R.L’s memory, let the children have some fun with it! Erasing and re-recording multiple times is possible, as it is all ran through the storage space within E.a.R.L. He can remember a massive 250 steps at a time, so the level of complexity for his journeys can be easily scaled up according to the age and level of ability within a class.

There are so many opportunities, with single or multiple E.a.R.L class activities. The teamwork and understanding of technology can enhance learning experiences for EY/KS1 and KS2 children, giving them opportunity to explore other subjects using technology.


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