Product Spotlight: Chatter Clouds

What are Chatter Clouds?

Scatter your classroom with soundbites for young pupils and beginner language learners. The palm-sized Chatter Clouds are the perfect resource for developing spoken language and reading skills. With a robust and simple design, even the smallest hands can use and record up to 40 seconds of speech, sound or music by using the touch sensor on the front of the cloud shape. By using the magnetised spring clip or hook, Chatter Clouds can be displayed around the classroom and beyond.

Labelling a Chatter Cloud is easy with its wipe clean surface. Using dry wipe pens, the message can be customised and changed as and when is needed. Chatter Clouds require 3 x AG13 batteries (included) and they come as singles or in packs of 6.


How will Chatter Clouds help me to teach the curriculum in my classroom?

Audio clips are an invaluable resource, particularly for younger pupils who are learning the intricacies of getting stuff down on paper. Chatter Clouds can be used throughout the curriculum for expanding vocabulary and teaching key word spelling. Beyond this, here are some other creative ways Chatter Clouds can be used to teach the curriculum.


Phonics audio resource

As phonics is all about sounds, Chatter Clouds are perfect for recording phonemes, sound blends and words. Record the phoneme and label the front of the Chatter Cloud with an example word or use the them to help pupils begin to blend sounds and create whole words themselves.


Help SEN pupils with audio support

With 40 seconds of audio to play with, Chatter Clouds can be used to help pupils who have working memory issues. Record instructions for tasks; questions requiring a pupil response; or even encouraging messages for those who are struggling.

Chatter Clouds can also help to build the confidence of reluctant talkers; allow those who dislike speaking in front of everyone the chance to pre-record their answer to a question you pose to the class. That way, they can practice what they want to say and can easily re-record if needed.


Teach and assess spoken language skills

Use Chatter Clouds to teach many of the statutory requirements for spoken language right the way through a child’s education. 40 seconds of audio means pupils can record their answers, arguments and opinions. You can use the audio clips they create on the Chatter Cloud to assess pupils’ command of Standard English or use them to model. The easy-to-use recording sensor means Chatter Clouds can be used for spoken language activities from early years all the way through to secondary education.


Assist modern foreign language learners

Chatter Clouds can be helpful for modern foreign language learners at any age! Record words, phrases and whole sentences and label with a translation using the dry wipe surface. Having 6 Chatter Clouds means they are perfect for group work and carousel activities, too.


What other ways can I use Chatter Clouds?

  • Chatter Clouds are great additions to displays in and around school. Children can record the thinking behind their artwork; their opinion on a famous historical event they’ve studied; or narrate a clip of a story they have written demonstrating their ability to use intonation. Create interactive displays that parents and children will love!
  • Using sound bites to guide pupils through treasure hunts or to create interactive den play. Boost creative and problem-solving skills that come with den making by adding audio into the mix.
  • Need an easy way to make announcements in other classrooms or send a message to a colleague without it getting lost in translation? Chatter Clouds are perfect message transporters either through the school or even back home to parents.

Find out more about Chatter Clouds and how they can help your teaching and learning.