Felt toys customer review

Here at Hope Education, we’ve been working extra hard to develop some unique and innovative resources. This year, we launched a range of new products developed by us and we’ve had some wonderful feedback. We decided that the best way to describe our products and their benefits would not be us telling you but through honest customer reviews. Fairtrade and 100% natural felt, the Set of Three Bowls and Balls and the Natural Felt Quoits set were designed for the early stages of a child’s development. The Bowls and Balls come in three different colours and sizes giving children the opportunity to begin sorting and matching. The Natural Felt Quoits are an ideal first throwing and catching toy, designed to develop basic motor skills and prepare for physical education activities.

Sophie David from Little Happy Learners - A mum, teacher and early years enthusiast, reviewed both the Felt Balls and Bowls and the Natural Felt Quoits set, and here’s what she had to say…

We are slowly but surely making some changes in our household in regards to the things we are purchasing. We are trying to buy fewer plastic items and attempting to use far less single-use plastic. So, these Fairtrade, 100% natural wool resources are right up our street.

The Felt Balls and Bowls are designed for sorting and suitable for 3 years+, but they are useful far beyond sorting and have been a complete hit with my 11-month-old son. He absolutely loves placing
the balls in the bowls and then removing them again. They’re great for object permanence - we played a game where we hid the balls under the bowls for him to find!

It’s refreshing to find a ‘toy’ that he can play with easily that I know cannot hurt him at all. He is still at the stage where everything goes into his mouth, so these felt items are perfect.
When playing with my 2-year-old son we were able to use a huge variety of communication. We spoke about size, weight and colour. We matched, sorted and practised throwing the balls. They’re 100% a multifunctional activity that we will be able to use again and again.

The Natural Felt Quoits are just as versatile. We threw them, ordered them and even put them on our heads! Mr 11-month-year-old loved peering through the hoops, whilst Mr 2 years loved throwing them into the air and onto the stand.

For the final added positive, they look great in our play area. The neutral, natural colours would accompany any colour scheme perfectly. To say we love these new items is a huge understatement.