EaRL-Reviewed for Early Years

E.a.R.L – Customer Review Developed by us, reviewed by you

Here at Hope Education, we’ve been working extra hard to develop some unique and innovative resources. This year, we launched a range of new products developed by us and we’ve had some wonderful feedback. We decided that the best way to describe our products and their benefits would not be us telling you, but through honest customer reviews.

E.a.R.L is our newly developed floor robot, designed for easy robotic learning. It was created by Hope to encourage directional language and general language development. The aim was to create a resource that children could enjoy, learn from and use easily.

Packed full of features to enhance learning, E.a.R.L has everything a child needs for the perfect coding and programming learning journey. With lights and sounds, E.a.R.L will fascinate children and encourage development in several areas. Not only does the robot make sounds when it arrives at its location, it also provides the option to record your own sounds and play them back. With a transparent body, it allows children to see inside it and understand further how it works.

Gillian Holbrook from My Three Little Strawberries - An early years educator and mum of three reviewed E.a.R.L and the Street Scene Mat, and here’s what she had to say…

“E.a.R.L - Easy robotic learning… Even his name is great!

We have absolutely loved testing Earl and his mat. The high-quality thick mat provides the perfect level and even surface for Earl. My daughter – Isabella, really enjoyed programming Earl to get to all the shops on the mat. It’s like a little maze and encouraged Isabella to work out left and right to send it to her chosen destination. I can see the mat lasting a long time and also being used for her toy cars.

E.a.R.L is so sturdy and durable. I love that you can see inside him to really understand and visualise how he works. Earl provides the perfect starting pointer coding and programming.

It’s great that you can turn the sounds on and off if you’re using more than one Earl at one time. We found the sounds great to help Isabella know how many times she pressed each button and she really loved the sound it made when he arrived at his destination.

Earl was easy to use but still provided a good challenge… even my teenagers and husband loved it!

One of the best bits for me was that it charges with a USB and it charged up so quickly, holding its charge for days.

Earl has really helped Isabella with directional language, and she is now really starting to use words like, left, right, forwards and backwards.

Overall, I would highly recommend E.a.R.L and the Street Scene Mat for their durability, ease of use for children and I really think he makes learning fun!”