Valentine’s Day Crafts - How- To Guides

Still need some Valentine’s Day crafting inspiration? We've been busy putting together some super simple but very effective Valentines craft and activity ideas and having loads of fun at the same time!

Valentine's Day Card

Treat the one you love with this Valentine’s Day card. It’s quick and easy to make, perfect for classroom fun.

For this craft you will need:

Step 1. Fold the pink card in half.

Step 2. Use one of the recycled A4 white pieces of paper, squirt some red paint on it and spread out the paint across the paper.

Step 3. Take the other piece of white A4 paper and place it next to the white paper with the paint on. Then, place both hands onto the paint and stamp them onto the white paper for a practice to make sure you are happy with the look.

Step 4. Take the pink piece of folded card and stamp your hands onto it in the shape of a heart. (Make sure the opening of the card is the right way around to make the heart the heart is the right way up).

Valentine's Keepsake - My heart was shaped and moulded to love you!

Add and ornament to a home which demonstrates one’s love for another this Valentine’s Day.

For this craft you will need:

Step 1. Take a handful of white clay and soften it with the heat from your hands. When it is soft enough, shape it in a flat circular shape.

Step 2. Use both thumbs to press into the clay to create a heart shape.

Step 3. Use a tooth pick to create a whole at the top of the clay where the string will be threaded.

Step 4. Take a smaller handful of red clay and soften it with the heat from your hands. When it is soft enough, shape it in a flat circular shape, then mould it into the shape of a heart and place it into the white clay.

Remember to leave the clay to set and go hard for 24 hours!

Huggable Heart

This loveable character requires minimal equipment and couldn’t be simpler to make, yet your little ones will love taking them home and watching their long limbs bounce around on the journey.

For this craft you will need:

Step 1. To make the body, simply cut a heart shape out of the red card, leaving enough to create little heart shaped ‘hands’ and ‘feet. Then, cut your white card into long strips. Take the white strips and fold it over itself multiple times to create a concertina effect.

Step 2. Glue all your pieces together and finish off with some wiggly eyes and a big smile!

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