St Patrick’s Day pot of gold craft

There are many myths that surround pots of gold at the end of rainbows and their association to Ireland.

One is that when Vikings invaded Ireland, they buried all their looted riches in the countryside, some of which was forgotten about when they left the island which the leprechauns then found.

Another story says simply that leprechauns, a type of fairy had great wealth and would often bury it at the end of rainbows.


It’s time for your class to make their very own pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. All it takes is some coloured card and adhesives, it couldn’t be easier.

How much treasure will they have?

How to make your St Patrick’s Day Pot of Gold Craft

Step 1.

Draw and cut out a cloud shape using white paper. You may need to help younger children with the cutting steps of this craft.

Step 2.

On your black card draw a pot shape, this can be any shape you’d like and cut it out.

Step 3.

Chose around 6 pieces of coloured card and cut a strip from each.

Step 4.

Using sticky tape secure your coloured strips to a piece of blue paper. Make sure they are at a diagonal angle.

Step 5.

Cut circles from metallic paper and glue along the top edge of your pot. Make sure they overlap the top of the pot, this will give the effect that it is full of coins.

Step 6.

Once dry glue your pot over where you have attached your coloured strips with sticky tape.

Step 7.

One by one, fold the coloured strips over to form an arch and secure with sticky tape.

Step 7.

Using glue, secure your cloud to the opposite end of the coloured arches from the pot.

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