St David’s Day Hand-print Daffodil Craft

With St David's Day just around the corner why not organise for your class to make this hand-print craft to celebrate? We love how simple it is.

Do you know why daffodils are a well-known emblem of Wales ? The Welsh word for leek, another recognized symbol of the country and daffodil are almost identical, this caused lots of confusion resulting in both being adopted as national symbols. A great fact you can share with your class whilst they're crafting!


How to make your St David’s Day Hand-print Daffodil Craft

For this craft you will need:

Step 1.

Cut the egg box into sections and cut down the sides to create petals. You may need to help with this.

Step 2.

Now the fun bit. Paint one hand with the yellow paint, then place it onto the white paper to make hand-prints, 4 are needed for each flower. If you don’t want too much mess (like us), simply draw round your hand onto yellow paper or card.

Once dry, cut out the hand-prints and arrange them in a circle, sticking together with glue.

Step 3.

Whilst the hand-prints are drying take the orange paint and colour the inside and outside of the egg box sections and leave to dry.

Step 4.

Glue the orange egg-box section to the centre of the hand-prints.

Step 5.

Draw a daffodil stalk with leaves onto the green paper or card and cut it out.

Step 6.

With glue, stick the hand-print flower to the stalk.

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