Mrs Mactivity Gingerbread Paper House and Colouring Sheets

How to Make a Christmas Gingerbread Paper House 

This blog post is written by Heather, founder of the innovative Early Years and Primary printable activity site Mrs Mactivity.

Did you have fun making our Christmas nativity paper toys (link)? Then you’ll love our Christmas gingerbread houses for sure! These look really cute with a little battery-operated candle inside on the fireplace or windowsill and are great for slightly older children to make and decorate independently, or for younger children to make with support. The best thing is, these adorable gingerbread houses are really durable so as long as they don’t get squashed, should last for the whole Christmas period. Just make sure you don’t chop the tabs off when you’re cutting out.

For this Christmas gingerbread paper house, you will need

How to make your Christmas paper toy

  1. Print out your Christmas gingerbread house template. It works best if you can print this onto thick paper or thin cardstock, but don’t worry if you only have normal paper. It will still work; it just won’t be quite as durable.
  2. Cut out the house, then decorate as you see fit! Glitter glue works especially well on the roof.
  3. Now it’s time to make your house! Fold each of the lines inwards, including the tabs, then glue each tab in turn.
  4. Start to attach each section of the house to each tab, not forgetting to use the bottom section if you want the house to have a floor. If not, you can leave it out.
  5. Leave your house to completely dry, then if you want to turn it into a tree decoration, use a single hole puncher to make a hole in the top, then thread some twine or string through.
  6. You’re done! Make a whole village of gingerbread paper houses for maximum effect – or as part of your Christmas display area.

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