How to Make a Remembrance Day Reflection Plate

This blog post is written by Heather, founder of the innovative Early Years and Primary printable activity site Mrs Mactivity.

Remembrance Day is a very poignant and reflective time of year for both children and adults. Children seem to relate quite easily to the sacrifices made by those in present and past service, and this means that children are quite motivated to create or write something in honour of those we remember and this free Remembrance Day craftivity is differentiated and open ended enough to appeal to all ages.

For this Halloween Paper Plate Craft you will need:-

How to make your Remembrance Day Reflection Plate

  1. First of all, introduce to your children the concept of Remembrance Day. We have a useful Remembrance Day PowerPoint that is perfect for this, and can also be edited so that it works for all ages.
  2. Print the template out – if you are using paper plates then you can print onto paper.
  3. Ask your children to complete the “bottom” section of the plate, they can either use the blank version to colour, or lined version to write their responses. You might want to model a version of this first, to demonstrate ways we can “remember them”.
  4. When this part has been completed, cut around the edges, then stick to a paper plate.
  5. Now children need to either design their own or use our template to make the top section. Once this is done, use a split pin to fasten it to the bottom plate.
  6. Once everyone has finished, ask your children to read or explain their plate, and how it helps them to reflect on past events, and the sacrifices made by others.

You can download the Remembrance Day Reflection Plate here.