Hanukkah stained glass star craft

On Sunday 22nd December Jewish adults and children will celebrate a festival of lights called Hanukkah which lasts for eight days, during which children receive gifts and money.

To prepare for Hanukkah why not make a simple Star of David stained glass star? We love how easy this is.

How to make your Hanukkah Stained Glass Star Craft

Step 1. 

Use 3 craft sticks and create a triangle, if you’re happy with the shape, secure with glue. Repeat this so that you have 2 triangles.

Step 2.

Once both triangles are dry put one on top of the other to create a star and secure with glue.

Step 3.

When your star is dry it’s time to paint one side, make sure you get into all the gaps. You can choose any colour you want, we’ve selected metallic colours.

Step 4.

When your paint is dry take a length of elastic and tie it round one of the craft sticks and secure with a knot, make sure you are left with two lengths of elastic. We’ll come back to this later.

Step 5.

Turn over your star so the painted side is face down. Tear of pieces of tissue paper and stick with glue to your star. Layer up the pieces of tissue paper so that there are no gaps.

Step 6.

Once the tissue paper is dry take a handful of beads and thread them onto your elastic, leaving a gap at the top.

Step 7.

Now take one last bead and feed through both pieces of elastic. Take one of the elastic ends and thread it through again in a loop. Finally tie both ends in a knot, this should secure all the beads.

Step 8.

Your stained-glass star is now ready to be hung, why not put it on a window so the light can shine through?

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