3 Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

Nothing says Mother’s Day like a handmade card or gift made at nursery. So, we’ve put together 3 super simple ideas that require minimal effort but deliver maximum effect!

Handprint Bouquet

What could be better than a bunch of flowers that will last forever? This handprint bouquet is guaranteed to brighten up any home this Mother’s Day.

You will need

How to make

Step 1. Pour the ready mix paint into a painting tray and encourage the children to dip their hands in, palm down. (Who doesn’t love a bit of messy play!)

Step 2. Let the children stamp their hands down onto the coloured card and leave to dry

Step 3. Once dry, cut around the handprints.

Step 4. Glue a green pipe cleaner to the back of the card hand

Step 5. Repeat steps 1-4 to create a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Concertina Cards

This unique card is a great way for children to add a personal touch to a Mother’s Day card, by drawing round their own hands.

You will need

How to make

Step 1. Each child needs to draw round one of their hands twice on some different coloured card, once finished cut both outlines out.

Step 2. Taking a strip of card, fold it back on itself multiple times to form a concertina effect.

Step 3. Glue each handprint to one end of the concertina strip

Step 4. Once dry, add a lovely message!

Jigsaw Card

Sometimes, simplicity is key. And we are sure all Mother’s will love this sentimental card.

You will need

How to make

Step 1. Draw and cut out a heart shape in card

Step 2. Take the heart and split it into 3 jigsaw shaped pieced

Step 3. Glue the 3 pieces onto a pre-folded card and leave to dry

Step 4. Decorate with crayons, pens or whatever your little ones have available to them